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Perth, Fremantle & Destination Wedding Photography


I am Michelle and together with my husband, Marty, form the awesome husband and wife team that is Michelle Dean Photography. We are based out of Perth and have been photographing incredible couples throughout WA and Australia for over 10 years. 

We are passionate about many things but mostly weddings and creating amazing and artistic images that you will cherish and hand down as an heirloom. Anyone can take a picture but we have decades of experience and training and consistently deliver exceptional images to our clients.

How do I choose a photographer, isn't it Just About the Photos?

Booking your wedding suppliers is more than just rolling the dice with an internet search. It is putting together a team of professionals that will work as a cohesive unit to make your wedding day the most memorable possible. Anyone's pictures can document those details. But don't you want more? Shouldn't you invest in a style where each moment captured will remind how you felt when you cut the cake for the first time with your new husband and not simply what it looked like?

Many argue that anyone with today's digital SLR camera can take a picture that will be in focus or exposed correctly. 

So why book a professional photographer? 

Artistry, experience, advice, confidence and an investment. An investment you ask? Yes. We provide images that will last the test of time. We have literally thousands of hours working on our craft, photographing weddings and couples and investing in the best equipment. What happens if the camera your family friend brings to the wedding fails? We have backups of our backup cameras and everything else we would need on the day. 

Our years of experience means consistency for you and that means you don't have to stress if the day doesn't go to plan. We combine our creativity, experience and top of the line professional equipment to get amazing images in all situations; dark light, rain, poorly lit venues and crazy bright sun. Trust me, Perth will test you on that one, harsh sunlight is a mainstay here!

You want the day to run flawlessly and we have invested in the equipment, professional development and business practices to make sure you won't have to stress no matter what surprises pop up on your wedding day.

Why book Michelle Dean Photography?

Simply put, we will tell your wedding story in an artistic yet relaxed fashion. We won't over-pose, force smiles or make the experience about us. It is your story and we never forget that.

Contemporary Fremantle Engagement Photography

Living near Fremantle is wonderful as it allows easy access to so many locations for beautiful our engagement sessions. The area is filled with great photo locations whether along the harbour or away from the coast. With all that is on offer sometimes it is the simplest of locations that make for the most amazing and romantic photographs. Our candid approach helps create a relaxed atmosphere where the couples can get lost in the moments. The couple chose to begin their photo session on one of the hills overlooking the ocean. The weather had been beautiful leading up to the shoot but a few hours before the clouds began rolling in and rain began falling in the area. We are always prepared and our years of experience allows us to photograph in all weather conditions. Beautiful photos like this are a result of knowing how to utilise the elements to create a powerful image regardless of the situation we are presented with. The clouds and lighting created a mood and I wanted to use the area to lead the eye to the couple and allow the focus to be on the moment they were sharing. I felt keeping the image simple with powerful leading lines would accomplish this without making the picture too busy. I believe the most romantic moments are those just before or after a kiss and intimacy is the strongest when the subjects are lost in the moment. Our clients comment regularly that they love how relaxed our sessions are and how comfortable we make the process.

Location: Fremantle.